Who should visit?

A high-tech exhibition for every industry

Decision Makers
Business Owners,
Chief Executive Officers,
Chief Operation Officers,
Chied Innovation Officers,
Chief Technology Officers,
Managing Directors,
General Managers, Presidents, Business Directors, Entrepreneurs and more
eCommerce Related Positions
Heads of ecommerce, Ecommerce Directors, Ecommerce Managers, Ecommerce Specialists, Project Managers, Business Consultants, Business Analysts and more
Start-up Investors, Venture Capitalists, Angel Fund Investors, Fund Managers and more
Chief Marketing Officers, Marketing Directors, Heads of Marketing, Marketing Managers, Marketing Specialists, Brand Managers, Digital Strategists, SEO Consultants and more
Technical Managers
Chief Engineers, IT system Consultants & Managers, IT Architect, Heads of Software Development and Innovation, IT Designers and more
Heads of Supply Chain and Logistics
Chief Supply Chain Officers, Chief Logistics Officers, Heads of Supply Chain Management/ Logistics/ Distribution, Heads of Procurement/ Sourcing Directors of Operations, Supply Chain/ Logistics/ Distribution Managers, Operations Managers and more
Online learning system or website suppliers,  Teachers, Owners of tutorial classes,  Educational Associations owners and tutors
Beauty and Fashion
Beauty Salon Owners,  Online shop Owners, Fashion Designers, Gym Room Owners
Medical and Elderly Care
Elderly homes/ Nursing home owners and person-in-charge, Doctors,  Caregivers,  Pet shop owners, Person-in-charge of pharmaceutical factories, Medical technology researchers and developers
Those who intend to start a company,  Those who set up a company in the early stage