Exhibition Organizer

Media360 Asia Limited is an integrated marketing communications agency, focusing on public relations service, event management, production and even digital marketing support. Our team comprises of experienced, energetic and creative professionals. We are dedicated to maximize the interests of the clients in every possible aspect. We offer strategic and thoughtful public relations campaigns throughout the Asia Pacific region.


It consists of a group of young professionals and young entrepreneurs engaged in creative culture and innovative technology. Connecting the Greater Bay Area through various activities; providing more in-place support in the five elements of Employment, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Innovation, and Technology; expanding development opportunities for Hong Kong and Macao youth; and encouraging Hong Kong and Macao youth to help society through community service. Those in need learn new skills to broaden their network. It will also provide internship and employment opportunities for grassroots youth and students, and help them develop and develop through different training, exchanges, learning and internship opportunities so as to cultivate them to become the next generation of active citizens and contribute to society.
The purpose of this association is to promote the development of young people in Hong Kong and Macao. Through various training, exchanges, learning, and providing internship opportunities, we will cultivate them to become active citizens and contribute to society; broaden their horizons; understand the latest developments in the Mainland; and encourage them to actively participate in the construction of the Greater Bay Area, so as to create a greater room for development to play their strengths.