Industry expert interviews and sharing
On-site sharing sessions of experts and professionals from different innovation cultures and technology innovation industries, to share the hottest and latest innovation culture and technology innovation topics, valuable insights and trends in the market. The sharing session will introduce customized innovative solutions, provide more information to the market and provide companies with brand building opportunities, while letting the public know how to integrate innovative living into daily life.

10:00 – 10:30
Inno4lifeExpo 2022 Opening Ceremony
10:30 – 12:00
YouthCreative Culture and Innovative Technology Summit
(I) Opening speech & Keynote - Mr. Duncan Chiu, Legislative Council Member Technology & Innovation Constituency
(II) Keynote speech: Digital Breakthrough & Innovation in Real Estate Industry - Ms. Janet Shih, Chairman of Ricacorp Properties Limited
(III) Keynote speech: How NFT Promotes Music Trends and Creates Value - Mr. Hanjin Tan, Award winning singer songwriter album producer, Winner of the Hong Kong Film Awards, First in the world to drop Chinese music NFT
(IV) Keynote speech: how enterprises adapt to market changes by using technology - Mr. Ian Chan, Chief Corporate Development Officer, Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited
12:00 – 12:30
Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association Forum:  Future Technology Development Trend
Moderator: Mr. Vincent So, Chairman of Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association
Mr. Dickson Choi, Co-founder of Antoson International (Hong Kong) Limited
Mr. Jase Leung, Founder and CEO of Blockchain Solutions Ltd
Mr. Tarzan The,Senior Vice President of CLPS Global Antoson International (Hong Kong) Limited
12:30 – 13:00
Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association Forum: Innovative F&B IT Solutions
Moderator︰Mr. Vincent So, Chairman of Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association
Mr. Eric Man, General Manager of Wai Shing Wine International Co. Ltd
Mr. Calvin Tse, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Kam Kee Holdings Limited
Mr. Arist Wong, Chairman of Hong Kong Smart Catering Association
13:00– 13:30
The Association of Hong Kong Professionals Forum:  Innovative Medical Development in Greater Bay Area
Moderator: Dr. Jeffrey Pong MH, Chairman of The Association of Hong Kong Professionals Panelists:
Dr. the Hon David Lam, Legislative CouncilMember (Medical and Health Services)
Dr the Hon Ko Wing Man, GBS, JP, The Ex-Secretary of Food and health of Hong Kong and Chief Consultant of The Society for Innovative Healthcare HK
13:30– 14:00
The Association of Hong Kong ProfessionalsForum: A New Chapter of Smart Medicine
Moderator: Dr. Jeffrey Pong MH, Chairman of The Association of Hong Kong Professionals
Panelists: Mr. Colin Chan, Co-founder and CEO of COMEDI Health
Mr. Chester Tsung, Founder & CEO of Savior Faire Group
Mr. Stephen Tsoi, Founder and Marketing Director of iMeddy
14:00– 14:30
Greater Bay Area Venture Capital Development Forum
Moderator: Mr. Tony Yung, CEO of Peach Bioverse Limited
Panelists: Mr. Issac Chen, Executive Director of Zhen Fu Asset Management Limited
Mr. Philip Law, Lead Partner, Venture Capital & Private Equity of Deloitte
Mr. Ronald Kan, Consultant Solicitor of Tony Kan & Co.
Mr.Trevor Tong, Expert Advisors and Mentors of EDI college, Hong Kong Blockchain Association
14:30– 15:00
Keynote speech: Development of EducationTechnology in Greater Bay Area
Ms. Yiman Liu, The Deputy Director and President of Hua Shang Education Group
15:00– 15:30
Keynote speech: How Virtual Banks Change Our Lives
Mr. Kelvin Lee, Head of Internal Audit of Fusion Bank
15:30– 16:00
Keynote speech: New Opportunities for Cross-border e-Commerce under the pandemic
Mr. CK Chan, Head of Hong Kong & Macau at Tmall
16:00– 16:30
Hong Kong Youth KOL (Greater Bay Area) Training Program & Competition LaunchCeremony
16:30– 17:30
The Launching of Beautician's Day and the Hong Kong Outstanding Beautician Award Ceremony
17:30– 19:00
Hong Kong First Outstanding NFT & Metaverse Project Awards Presentation Ceremony
10:00 – 12:30
Northern Metropolis Development Forum
Keynote: The 20th National Congress Enlightenment towards the development of Tech & Innovation - Prof. Witman Hung, JP, Hong Kong Deputy to 13th National People's Congress (NPC) and Principal Liaison Officer for Hong Kong, Shenzhen Qianhai Authority
Keynote: Opportunities for the Youth generated by the rapid growth of the Northern Metropolis - Professor K.K. Ling, SBS
Keynote: Highlights from the Policy Address -Forecast on the development of the Northern Metropolis - Hon LAU Kwok-fan, MH,JP, Hong Kong Legislative Council
Panel Discussion: How the Policy Address plays a part in the overall development of the Northern Metropolis
Prof. Witman Hung, JP, Hong Kong Deputy to13th National People's Congress (NPC) and Principal Liaison Officer for Hong Kong, Shenzhen Qianhai Authority
Prof. K. K. Ling, SBS, Strategic planning consultant for Hong Kong Shenzhen cooperation
The Hon Lau Kwok-fan, MH, JP, Hong Kong Legislative Council
Ms. Molly Cheung, Senior Manager of Strategic Planning, Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation
12:30– 13:00
Keynote speech: Preserving Our History with Web3
Mr. Henry Chan, Co-founder and Head of Ecosystem of Artifact Labs
13:00 – 13:30
Keynote speech: How Metaverse Shapes the Future of the Branding Sector
Ms. Becky Wong, Co-founder of Index Game
13:30 – 14:00
The inauguration ceremony of the"China Digital Arts Development Committee" of Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Greater Bay Area Culture, Creative and Technology Alliance cum"China Digital Art Forum
Theme: "How Chinese artists enter the international digital art and metaverse market."
14:00– 14:30
Keynote Speech: Triangular relationship among Metaverse industry, digital assets and central bank digital currency
Mr. Emil Chan, EMBA Adjunct Professor in City University of Hong Kong & Chairman of ACMCP
14:30 – 15:00
Index Game Forum: How to Leverage Web3.0 technology to transform and improve brand images
Moderator: Ms. Zeta Lo, Head of Growth and Community (Marketing)
Mr. Henry Chan, Co-founder and Head of Ecosystem of Artifact Labs
Mr. Lee Chi Kin, Blockchain Analyst
Mr. Kyle Chiu, Head of Marketing & Growth of Refinable
15:00 – 15:30
When Art Enters the Metaverse Forum
Artist Billy Hung
Mr. Gary Tsang, Founder and Design Director of Plant216 Creative and ARTY:ACTIVE
15:30 – 16:00
Keynote speech︰How to start a business with creativity
Ms. Grace Tse, Chairman of Innovative Entrepreneur Association
16:00– 16:30
Keynote speech: NFT's investment value for the future
Mr. Sam Ngan, CEO & Founder of Popsible
16:30– 17:00
Keynote speech: How does Metaverse promote the future of the gaming industry?
Mr. Erich Wong, The Head of Growth of The Sandbox Hong Kong
17:00– 17:30
Asia Pacific Creativity Industries Association Forum: Commercial Value of Cultural and Creative Industries
Moderator: Mr. Rex Ma, President of Asia Pacific Creativity Industries Association, Co-founder and Managing Director of iGen6
Prof. Raymond Choy MH, Founder of Toy2R and Creator of Qee
Ms. Linda Lam, Founder of Royan Jadeand Director of Wing Cheung Jewellery
Mr. Kenneth Lau, Co-founder of Idearosity Company Ltd and Founder of Letz BIG
17:30– 18:00
Keynote speech: the development of virtual exhibition under the global digital trends
Mr. Du Zhiyuan, Senior Product Manager of WiseSpot Company Limited
18:00– 19:00
Metaverse  Singing Performance
10:00 – 12:00
Result Highlights – Survey on opportunities for the Youth to learn and grow, and to create their career path and reside in the Great Bay Area
Success Case Sharing by Young Entrepreneurs growing business in the Greater Bay Area
Guest Speakers:
Mr. Jeff Cheung, Director of Regents (Shenzhen) Educational Group
Mr. Chung Chi Feng, Founder of Donghui Huachuang Cultural (Guangdong) Company Limited & Chairman of Asia-Pacific Digital Economy Association
Mr. Eden Lu Li-han, Co-founder of Roborn
Mr. Sean Yau, General Manager of Kings (Shenzhen) International Limited
Ms. Angel Tam, Chairman of Greater Bay Area Youth Development Association
Keynote: Latest policy address in Nansha
Mr. Raymond Yip, Chief Liaison Officer of Guangzhou Nansha Service Centre in Hong Kong
Keynote: Opportunities and Future for the Youth
Mr. Alex Yeung, Chairman of the Hong Kong United Youth Association
12:00 – 13:00
Inaugural Ceremony of Greater Bay Area Youth Development Association
13:00 – 13:30
Keynote speech: AI smart living & experience – when reality meets virtuality
Mr. Nixon Chau, Manager Director and General Manager of SenseTime Hong Kong
13:30 – 14:00
Keynote speech: Embrace the new 5G era -- share the experience of 5G technology application
Mr. Steve Ng, Head of Commercial Solution & Marketing Commercial Group of HKT
14:00– 14:30
Keynote speech: How technology and customer experience reshape the banking industry
Mr. Eric Lin, Chief Marketing Officer of Livi Bank
14:30– 15:00
Keynote speech: How Artificial Intelligence and Robots Play a Role in Social Responsibility
Mr. Albert Lam, Co-founder and CMO of Novelte Robotics
15:00– 15:30
Hong Kong Netrepreneurs Association Forum: Online Retail Innovation
Moderator: Mr.Edward Choi, Vice President of Hong Kong Netpreneurs Association
Mr. Peter Chan, Senior Manager, Solutions Architect of AWS
Ms. Kelsy Lau, Business Development Lead of HKTV Mall
Mr. Kwan Tsz Leung, Software Engineer of DCT IT Limited
15:30– 16:00
Keynote speech: Making Good Use of Cloud Platforms to advance the Efficiency of Enterprise Management
Mr. Benny Liu, Founder and CEO of HK DECOMAN Technology Limited
16:00– 16:30
The Institute of Artificial Intelligence Forum: "Digital Innovation" of Enterprises
Moderator: Mr. Thomas Tung, Vice Chairman of The Institute of Artificial Intelligence
Mr. Edward Choi, CXO of Sisters Pro AI Solutions Limited
Dr. Eddie Hui, Digital Innovations Leader, Solution & Services Group of Lenovo
Mr. Ricky Lo, Director of Hunter Group Holdings Limited
Ms. Priscilla Wan, Co-founder of Tech4life Limited
16:30– 17:00
Keynote speech: How do start-ups find venture capital?
Mr. Kelvin Luk, Founder of IGNITING CAPITAL (HONG KONG) LIMITED & Consultant of H.Y. LEUNG & Co. LLP
17:00– 17:30
Keynote speech: How Start-ups Create Values & Raise Funds
Mr. Vincent Fan, Co-founder and COO of Zeek
17:30– 18:00
Keynote speech: VC and Investment Trends
Mr. Mingles Choi, Chief Exploration Officer of ParticleX

Forum Organiser

It consists of a group of young professionals and young entrepreneurs engaged in creative culture and innovative technology. Connecting the Greater Bay Area through various activities; providing more in-place support in the five elements of employment, entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, and technology; expanding development opportunities for Hong Kong and Macao youth; and encouraging Hong Kong and Macao youth to help society through community service. Those in need learn new skills to broaden their network. It will also provide internship and employment opportunities for grassroots youth and students, and help them develop and develop through different training, exchanges, learning and internship opportunities so as to cultivate them to become the next generation of active citizens and contribute to society. The purpose of this association is to promote the development of young people in Hong Kong and Macao. Through various training, exchanges, learning, and providing internship opportunities, we will cultivate them to become active citizens and contribute to society; broaden their horizons; understand the latest developments in the Mainland; and encourage them to actively participate in the construction of the Greater Bay Area. There is greater room for development to give full play to their strengths.

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